Monday, August 19, 2013

Science, God & Creation

Fr. Spitzer, S.J. of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith holds a PhD whose thesis is entitled: A Study of Objectively Real Time.

It must be noted that he argues entirely dialectically, since otherwise Fr. Spitzer would disagree with St. Thomas's article: Summa Theologica I q. 46 a. 2 "Whether it is an article of faith that the world began?" (answer: YES! It's de Fide divina.) or De Æternitate Mundi (I liked the examples taken from St. Augustine toward the end, which are also mentioned in the Summa article's replies to the objections), in which he argues there is

  1. nothing contradictory in the notion that God could have created an eternal universe
  2. no way we could know the eternity (or not) of the world from natural reason (which goes for the Trinity, too).
Essentially, Fr. Spitzer is using the Kalam argument, which relies on scientific theories to prove the premise that the universe is not eternal.

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