Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benedict M. Ashley, O.P., RIP

Angelicum Newsletter Blog: Benedict M. Ashley, O.P., RIP

He wrote his last email to me when he just turned 97 years old!

See my Aristotelian Thomism page (he preferred that term to River Forest Thomism) and his page on MoreC.com. He assumed a special rôle in the review process of Physics for Realists by Dr. Anthony Rizzi of the Institute for Advanced Physics.

Requiescat in pace.

UPDATE: A close correspondent of Fr. Ashley just wrote to me what could be considered a good obituary, the beginning of which is below:
As you probably have heard by now, Father Ashley died on Saturday, only 69 days short of his 98th birthday. He is a tremendous loss to all of us. I am told that he was intellectually active until the end, and that a month before he died, he was able to receive into his hands the printed version of his autobiography [available online] published now by the New Priory Press. In one of my letters to him, I had written that in my opinion, that is his most important book, since it supplies the absolutely essential keys to understanding his whole philosophical and theological enterprize (the 'experimentum' which serves as both the ground and the terminus of all human knowing in this life). In reply to my letter of condolance, the provincial, Fr. Bouchard, told me that, at the time of his death, Ashley had several completed or almost completed manuscripts on his desk and that his confreres are now preparing them for publication. I don't know their content as yet, but I can hardly wait to see them.

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