Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Work of a "learned Benedictine philosopher-scientist"

John Deely calls Joseph Gredt a "learned Benedictine philosopher-scientist." Here is his major work:

Go here for an online version of the latest edition of Gredt:
Elementa philosophiae Aristotelico-Thomisticae vol. 1 (logica & philosophia naturalis) and vol. 2 (metaphysica, theologia naturalis, ethica).

There's a "full screen" option, and you can even download a PDF if you register for free with

Another manual-style series similar to Gredt's is Édouard Hugon's:
Cursus Philosophiæ Thomisticæ I (PDF)
Cursus Philosophiæ Thomisticæ II (PDF)
Cursus Philosophiæ Thomisticæ III (PDF)

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