Saturday, April 9, 2011

Law is a Teacher

The law is a teacher. Here is an example of why civil laws should outlaw abortion:
  1. Women are generally ignorant about reproductive issues.
  2. Abortion is a reproductive issue; therefore,
    1. women are generally ignorant about abortion.
    2. Women are less ignorant about the law; therefore,
      1. women know more about the law than abortion.
      2. The law tells one what is right or wrong; therefore,
        1. women know abortion's rightness or wrongness based on the law.
        2. The law currently makes it legal; therefore,
          1. the law teaches women that abortion is right.
          2. People more often than not do what they think is right; therefore,
            1. women more often than not choose abortion because they think it is right.
            2. Women choosing abortions more often than not is contrary to keeping abortions rare; therefore,
              1. Abortion should be illegal.
With what premise or conclusion do you disagree?

1 comment:

  1. It is the truth. People consider what is legally allowed moral, and what is legally not allowed, immoral.

    Allow a sin to be committed by law, the people will be affected by that impetus to regard it as no longer a sin.